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General Rider Information: FAQ

We also have pages with specific information for those with bicycles and riders with special needs.

How much does it cost to ride the bus?

Nothing. Citylink transportation services are free to everyone.

Is the bus just for the use of Native American people?

No. Citylink is available to everybody regardless of race, religion or national origin.

Is this the casino bus?

No. Citylink is free public transportation, although there is a bus stop at the Coeur d’Alene Casino.

When should I be at the bus stop?

You should be standing next to the bus stop sign five minutes prior to the time posted in the schedule.

Can I smoke at the back of the bus?

No. Smoking paraphernalia of any kind are prohibited within 25 feet of the bus.

Can I listen to my book on tape?

Yes. Personal audio devices are allowed if earphones are used and the volume is not disruptive.

Are animals allowed on the bus?

No. Service animals only.

How many wheelchairs will the bus carry?

Each Citylink bus can accommodate up to two wheelchairs at a time.

I have a mobility scooter. Will it fit on the bus?

Citylink buses accept wheelchairs with dimensions up to 30” x 48.” The weight limit is 600lbs.

I am sight impaired. Can I bring my guide dog onto the bus?

Yes. Service animals are welcome on the bus. They must be under restraint and not on the seat.

Can riders be picked up at places other than designated stops?

No. Passengers may only board the bus at marked bus stops.

Can riders be dropped off at places other than designated stops?

Yes. Ask, or pull the bell cord. If your driver considers that the location is safe, he or she will drop you off where you request along the scheduled route.

Are kids allowed on the bus?

Yes. However children under the age of six must be accompanied by an adult.

Do the buses go to Silverwood?

No. At this time, the farthest north that Citylink extends is Honeysuckle Avenue, in the city of Hayden.

Do the buses go to Rathdrum?

No. Citylink does not serve Rathdrum at this time.

Is food or drink allowed on the buses?

No. Food or beverages are not permitted aboard. However, groceries in sealed containers are allowed.

We are going to the beach. Can we ride the bus?

Yes. Passengers must wear shirt and shoes. No wet swimming suits on the cloth seats please!

All the seats on my bus are taken. May I stand?

Yes. Passengers are permitted to stand on the bus, but not forward of the driver.

Where can I get a bus schedule?

Brochures are available via mail, online, or from your bus driver. Major stores stock them too.

Can I bring a suitcase aboard?

Yes. Passengers are permitted up to 50lbs of luggage. It must be stowed under the seat.

I bought some sparklers in Tensed for a July 4th barbecue.
Can I take them home on the bus to Post Falls?

No. Neither fireworks nor pyrotechnics of any kind may be carried aboard the bus.

I have a bike and want to take it to the Plummer trailhead on the bus. Can I?

Yes. All Citylink buses are capable of transporting up to two regular bicycles.

I have a recumbent bike. How do I put it in the bicycle rack?

Because of size constraints, Citylink does not transport this type of bicycle.

The bus showed up, but all four bike slots were full.
Can I put my bicycle inside the bus?

No. Please wait for the next bus.

What happens to misplaced items found on the bus?

Any articles found on the bus are turned over to the lost property office. Call 800-523-2464 ext 7238

My car ran out of gas.
Can I ride up to the convenience store with a 5 gallon can?

No. Gasoline may not be transported on Citylink buses.

Citylink is a partnership between the Coeur d’Alene Tribe, the State of Idaho, and Kootenai County.